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Our Vision

To create a universal platform for the stakeholders of the education ecosystem to connect, communicate, collaborate and contribute for the betterment of the education system through the power of information communication technology.

The concept of Digital Campus is to literally convert educational campuses into digital campus thereby empowering institutions in better management and delivery of education programmes through cost-effective IT solutions.

The brand "Digital Campus" comprises of six Innovative Information Technology Products & Solutions.

Digital Campus - The portal

Digital Campus is India's No.1 Interactive & Comprehensive Education Knowledge Portal for all the stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, management and government) of the education ecosystem, and it has encompassed best of the technology and has become the most trusted partner in the progress with the education stakeholders, used by large number of different stakeholders of education ecosystem:

  • Provides all the stakeholders of education system get connected to the entire education community.
  • Provides the platform for the industry experts and institution academician to exchange ideas and share thoughts.
  • Enables in exploration of path breaking technologies for transformation of education delivery system.
Since its inception it adopts a unique collaborative online community approach to create smart and innovative products to make the stakeholders of education ecosystem easier exciting. We have also built trend-setting services for various stakeholders that combine technology and community to empower the career community.
  • Many parents of the large group of schools are using Digital Campus to online track their children's information and performance in schools across India.
  • Digital Campus users are the top schools India - Ivy League Academy, Delhi Public School, Army Public School, Vizag. International and many more.
  • Demographic profile comprises of a highly active audience spread uniformly across all cities in India ranging from school going children, college going students, aspiring young adults, parents both mother and father, teachers, academicians, institution management, industry experts to policy makers in government.

The best of the Experts from industries to institutions are writing on the most critical and contemporary topics affecting the stakeholders thinking and decisions, enabling them to make better decisions and choices in their sphere of endeavour and engagement.

Collaboration and a path-forward
  • A paradigm shift in the way we think about our education system.
  • All of us have a desire to do our little bit to the betterment of the education system.
  • Digital Campus provides this wonderful platform to collaborate and contribute for the betterment of education system.

We welcome you to participate and make this wonderful journey for a better society!