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Uday Khedkar
LIfe Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ontological Learning

    ExpertTalk Board
    nice talk
    by : sanjay, Dated : 20/6/2010, 2:55pm IST

    It is complex topic to be articualted. Mr Uday has beautifully brought out the concept and the connect between the various is always nice to read and get insights into newer subjects.
    by : Dr. Hussain, Dated : 7/6/2010, 5:57am IST

    Good reading.
    by : Trisha, Dated : 6/6/2010, 4:43pm IST

    First time hearing this topic, quite different and has a critical analysis of Learning.
    by : Hemant Jain, Dated : 5/6/2010, 5:14pm IST

    Its a nice experience. I am learning about Ontological Learning for the first time. Thanks Digital Campus for bringing such topics for more readers like me to get to know about.
    by : Prithvi, Dated : 5/6/2010, 8:13am IST

    Requires a detailed reading to understand the essence of the article, a powerful thought indeed...
    by : Vinita, Dated : 4/6/2010, 7:11pm IST

    "Getting in touch with ones spirituality is fundamentally a process of learning"...wonderful thought.
    by : Harish, Dated : 3/6/2010, 6:28pm IST

    I was not knowing the term "Ontolocial" Learning, it was very insightful
    by : S K Raju, Dated : 3/6/2010, 2:2pm IST

    Excellent One!
    by : Prachi, Dated : 3/6/2010, 2:1pm IST

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