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Education Jobs

Education Jobs in India

It is a comprehensive job portal as a part of Digital Campus initiative which is completely focused on education jobs in India. With the rapidly growing Indian Economy, the education industry has also shown a quantum growth creating tremendous opportunities for teaching jobs. With 75,000 private schools and 18,000 colleges, this as per various estimates still is a huge gap from the requirement that the society has for education. With the growing number of schools and colleges, the demand for education jobs has grown significantly. This feature in Digital Campus has been designed and developed for this specific requirement by launching this special service. Education Job Employers and Education Job Seekers are discovering this platform to be very interactive and informative; all this is a free service both for the schools, colleges and universities.

Education Job Market in India

Education jobs India has been the most respectable jobs since olden days. Education job has now started to become one of the most popular career choices in India among all level of social community and groups. In the fast changing global order the teaching has become the challenging, attractive and rewarding career as well. So, teaching or non-teaching in education field is not only a job opportunity for earning a living but it is the noblest profession that entails the contribution in several societal activities giving immense job satisfaction.

Teaching as a Career Option

Teaching is one of the most noble and important careers in India contributing to the social and economic development of the nation. It generates a large number of job openings and is flourishing to grow in leaps and bound as the demand for primary education, secondary education, quality education, universal education and technical teaching are increasing significantly.

Skills & Types of Education Jobs

Teaching jobs requires a combination of various skills to be able to effectively discharge the job. Since the teaching job offers several levels of teaching including nursery, primary school, middle school, high school, college, university etc. to work, the skills and training required for the job posts are at different levels. Some higher education teaching jobs requires specialization. The formal eligibility criteria for taking up teaching jobs are basic teacher training or primary teacher training. The higher education requires Bachelor of Education. The teaching job could a maths teacher to a language teacher to fine arts teachers in school to a faculty in a any subject in college to lab in-charge. Similarly, for the non-teaching jobs in education field requires to be qualified on respective areas like school administration, sports management, student counselling, hostel management, estate management, event administrator just to name a few.